Lights From The Gutter Vol​.​1

by Misled Balds



Misled Balds/First Retrieve/Now or Never 3way Split Album 2010


released March 20, 2010



all rights reserved


Misled Balds Shibuya, Japan

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Track Name: Testament Lines
Mister used to be children.
I was born with no frustration.
X that brought me higher.

Blink of one eye.
Early eight I was taught two greats.
Bathroom radio played Bon Jovi at thirteen.

Every night with ladies and gentlemen of PUSA.
Never irate mind on lithium breed vanadium.

Big old lady’s wig still smile alone in New Jersey.

Counting down my great piece of youth.

Distress erects people’s nature column.
Proper iteration albright for what Gandhi burned down.
Our van haled neworld proud of what it came to be.

Under the streetlight better place for Thomas.
Now I’m weaker than S that I’m addicted to.
You, us and I we meet on the coming road.
Track Name: Unfinished Sealed Fiction of Ward
Breed of numbers pledged all wilds of seeded
fire runs where it rehabits all rest.
Recite the vast minority to pedals of speed
pounded into the ground for normality of nothing
more than just everybody’s peace of another.

Ward cracker sealed the fiction and the chipped bliss.
Wills of pride and lines on a wall made by shoes, minutes of bravery, not many remembers it as so.
He descended the stairs silently. And followers became the leaders.
We never reached the tide the greatest innocent wave once read.

We sat in the sun-filled doorway when the wind brought the ashes of freedom.
Now what inside do you wear?
Great generations are now extinct.
Great white righteously in the name of quakers.
We hear when silent drops.

It’s always safe, always on the brink.
We deserve to know over this smoke of sense-able
helps us not to face these days that are all the same, why are we just so afraid to realize
there’s no reason to go on.
Track Name: Piece of Youth
I’m finally here since I started believing this was real.
I smile at you when you don’t hear it in my words.

Under a little light, I leave my bed and I would do the things I don’t usually do.
I listen to the songs I don’t usually listen to.
And I find something new.

Wander in the shades of anticipation where my mind goes hide.
Now I’m walking to the time where the sheep cross by.
Sometimes it hurts too much to think about you. And to think how worthy the miracle of life is.
I make my own call.
So much left unsaid that I will never get to say.

Moving clouds, a white chair, sleeping dog, stones and wind.
I fold them all together in the night.

I raise myself up to where I can see all the mountains.
Flashing lights from afar, I feel as if our distance was near.
That’s when I find something I used to have.

When this small light flashes as my finger touch the shade,
I will stare at my concrete wall,
Things I knew of you. Just the blank first page of you.
Painted over thousand times. Now I’m so confused.

Drips from the earphones describe the indescribable.
Hope this song does the same.

I could never give up believing in any piece of you.
In a single minute I spent with these things I never knew I could feel.
Did I share within your glimpse?

I’m starting to notice so well
You make your own call.
That I will never know.

because if I let you just go like this, I will barely exist.
And I don’t think I can live with that.
Because the moments that are behind us,
and all the words you left there they meant something to me.

I'm starting to notice.

This piece of youth.
It's not waiting forever.
I can never ever leave without leaving you.
I'm trying to be the best I couldn't be.
I'm starting to notice.